A Tasteful Custom Solution: The HC Tavern + Kitchen - Hammerton Contract

The Hedra, Reimagined

The client, Huse Culinary, was intrigued with the unique geometry of our Hammerton Studio blown glass Hedra pendant but needed a damp-rated solution that was significantly larger in size and scale to accommodate the restaurant's exterior entry. The Hammerton design team worked closely with Indianapolis-based Phanomen Design to create these enormous custom outdoor mesh pendants, each 48" in height.

A Modern Solution

Finding the ideal light fixture for this expansive stairwell required a large scale solution that wasn't too visually heavy. Hammerton designed and built this stunning asymmetrical custom chandelier that beautifully fit the space without overwhelming it.

"Specifying custom lighting can be a challenging process, but Hammerton made it easy. The results speak for themselves!"
- Phanomen Design
Indianapolis, Indiana

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