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Custom: Our Core Competency

Hammerton is, first and foremost, a custom lighting manufacturer. We’ve spent the last 25 years optimizing our operations to deliver an end-to-end custom solution to specification, budget, and schedule. Over two thirds of our production involves custom work. We routinely modify existing designs in size, scale and form, and we incorporate customer specified materials. We also develop hundreds of new designs entirely from scratch every year.

Unlike most of our industry peers, 100% of Hammerton operations take place under one roof, in our Salt Lake City manufacturing facility. Seamless integration of all activities facilitates our design, quotation, submittal, engineering, rapid prototyping and manufacturing processes, and ultimately our speed to market. 90% of custom jobs ship in just 6-9 weeks.

Design & Engineering Services

As a custom manufacturer, design & engineering horsepower is at the core of our value proposition. Each of the industrial designers and engineers that represent 20% of our workforce possess an intimate understanding of the complexities of building design-leading products that satisfy a complex set of functional requirements. 3D modeling, rapid prototyping, technology integration and finite element analysis for thermal and structural applications are just a few of the processes these teams deploy every day.

Craft-Based Value Engineering

Conventional wisdom would suggest that quality craftsmanship rarely comes at an accessible price point, but the opposite is true at Hammerton. We’ve spent a quarter century optimizing our operational skill set to serve a variety of customer needs, and budget friendly design is at the top of the list.

We combine deep engineering capabilities with mastery of multiple fabrication processes, so we understand all the various ways that fixtures can be built to meet a given budget. Modifying designs, re-engineering components, substituting lower cost parts and simplifying aesthetic details are a few ways we reduce labor and material costs, while maintaining the ideal level of design integrity for each project.

Broad Materials Expertise

At Hammerton we work in a wide variety of media: blown, cast and kiln-fired glass, acrylics, textiles, mesh, wood, stone and crystal as well as steel, aluminum, bronze, rawhide, mica and more. Our operations seamlessly integrate both traditional and modern tools and technologies with lean manufacturing processes, to bring authentic craftsmanship and unparalleled quality to each fixture at the best possible price.

Metal Fabrication

Expertise in metal is a foundational component of our custom design leadership. We know that success demands a comprehensive inventory of metal fabrication capabilities that address aesthetics, function and cost.

Most importantly, it requires a versatile team of world-class artisans who are equally disciplined in old and new manufacturing processes. Time-honored skills like blacksmithing, metal sculpting and texturing bring hand-hewn aesthetic detail to traditional and organic designs, while high-precision machining and cutting technologies facilitate the clean lines and polished surfaces of modern and contemporary designs – as well as higher quality and lower cost.

We routinely do short runs of high tolerance functional components and build custom tooling and jigs for rapid fabrication and assembly. This enables us to stamp or mill specific parts, machine field-adjustable cups, thread a tight tolerance base or arrange a cost-effective shipping configuration.

Glass Fabrication

Hammerton is gaining widespread industry recognition for our unusual capabilities in blown, cast and kiln-fused glass. Our contract work in glass ranges from high volume runs of pendant lighting to one-off, large-scale sculptural installations. Surprisingly it’s our extensive knowledge of metal fabrication that allows us to do unusual work in glass, since we make all our glass jigs and tooling in-house.

Today, our weekly production includes over two tons of glass product.

An End-to-End Solution

Industry & Regulatory Compliance

The design and manufacture of decorative lighting for commercial and hospitality applications goes well beyond aesthetics. Our engineering teams are equally dedicated to ensuring that each project complies with all regulatory codes, including UL, ADA, Title 24 and 277 voltage in addition to issues like anti-microbial and anti-combustible materials, driver compatibility, integration with complex lighting control systems, and so on. We take pride in designing visually stunning lights that accommodate all the complexities of regulatory requirements.

Installation Services

Installation may be a final step in the decorative lighting process, but preparatory planning is essential to its success. As part of our service delivery, Hammerton provides full installation documentation and engineering support. Our engineers routinely collaborate with project designers and contractors during the design and construction phase to address all installation issues well in advance. In many cases, we provide mounting hardware and instructional detail prior to fixture installation. We also provide on-site installation consult and support services on a request basis. On larger projects you are likely to see our field service professionals on the job site, making sure installation goes without a hitch.

Seamless Project Management

While we take enormous pride in our design, engineering and production strengths, it’s our comprehensive approach to project management that makes the difference. A dedicated team of Hammerton service personnel works closely with each hospitality client to oversee all project elements and to anticipate and address problems, ensure all product requirements are met, and manage to schedule and budget. From initial consultation to installation, we’ve got you covered.

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