Coqodaq - Hammerton Contract


Ambiance, aliment, and architecture; all in the heart of 'The Big Apple'.

At the epicenter of New York City's culinary scene lies Coqodaq, a hotspot where gastronomy meets architectural marvels. Custom Hammerton lighting proudly illuminates this culinary gem with an awe-inspiring installation, seamlessly blending expert craftsmanship with structural ingenuity.

The challenges encountered in this project were as grand as the ambitions it aimed to fulfill. The architectural intricacies of Coqodaq's design, from its elevated flooring to its diverse ceiling mounts, demanded unparalleled precision and innovation. Facing a 1.5" elevation shift in the floor and varying I-beams concealed within the custom Hammerton structure, the building team engaged in meticulous planning and execution.

This massive lighting installation features breathtaking crystal glass arches, seemingly resting on various banquets throughout the main dining space. However, behind this illusion lies a feat of engineering excellence. Custom-built steel piers, meticulously placed and cemented into the floor, provide the foundation for each arch ensuring perfect alignment and stability.

The pièce de résistance is the 1,110 hand-blown glass pieces adorning the arches. Crafted with five distinct bevels to accommodate the arch's curvature, each glass piece was individually installed, a painstaking process that spanned five days. When stacked, these glass elements tower over 1,200 feet, standing 154 feet taller than the Chrysler building just 20 blocks to its north. This illuminated work of art is brought to life by a quarter-mile of custom LED tape lights, seamlessly transitioning from warm to cool tones to meet the designer's vision.

Despite the complexity of the installation, only one glass piece was broken—a testament to Hammerton's commitment to excellence. Get a behind the scenes look below, where collaboration, innovation, and expert design shines.

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