Martis Camp - Hammerton Contract

Martis Camp


More than a mile above sea level, the 2,177-acre resort community is nestled in the pristine Martis Valley between the northern shore of Lake Tahoe and historic Truckee, California.

Martis Camp's award-winning architecture is the work of the residential and commercial architectural firm of Swaback Partners. Working with Martis Camp developer DMB Highlands Group and led by Swaback partner John Sather, the architectural team conceived an iconic heritage design reminiscent of the great Western lodges of the 1900's that would be as significant a century from now as it is today.

Swaback's design palette included native materials, colors inspired by the surrounding forest, a majestic yet intimate scale, and finishes handcrafted by master artisans. The architects enhanced their design process by working in the field for a complete summer to test the site design and ensure a seamless fit with the landscape.

Hammerton captured Swaback's timeless aesthetic in a series of custom indoor and outdoor fixtures found throughout the Camp Lodge, the Family Barn and the Gatehouse. Each fixture was designed exclusively for its space.

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